Mango is a tropical fruit that usually grows in a more heated environment. The fruit starts its growing period at around the end of the spring. It belongs to the flowering plant genus called Mangifera......


Our product is certified by SL GAP (Agriculture department of Sri Lanka)

Good Agricultural Practice

Each and every Mango is grown and nurtured in an imported carbon quoted protection cover in order to protect the fruits from potential pests and diseases. We have excellent team of passionate and experienced staff as well as qualified agronomists and Agricultural Inspectors of department of Agriculture – Srilanka who assist us with valuable technical support .

About Mangifera Agro

Mangifera (Pvt) Ltd manages large scale farms which cultivates fresh fruits mainly Mango . We use the modern scientific agricultural systems which enable us to run our farms at very high efficiency levels. Further we use eco-friendly production methods, minimizing the damage to the environment and in addition, we follow post-harvest best practices and these enable us to maintain our wastage levels well below the industry average.We have the ability to provide a different variety and high-quality Mangos to Global market and tailored to customer satisfaction.


Quality is the foundation on which Mangifera Agro has grown and continues to grow. We expect our product to be more critically examined than that of others. We welcome feedback from customers even if they are not quality problems as this enables us to better understand their needs. Also, we are more concern the international quality standards and obtained most of the certifications as well.

Regional Entrepreneur Award Ceremony 2021( North Central Province)

Mangifera( Pvt) Ltd recognised and awarded for the agriculture sector at theChamber Colours Night on 24th November 2022, organised by North Central province Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture

Regional Entrepreneur Award Ceremony 2020 ( North Central Province)

Mangifera( Pvt) Ltd recognised and awarded Bronze Award for the agriculture sector at the Chamber Colours Night on 13th February 2021 , organised by North Central province Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture with National Enterprise Development Authority.


Mangos are full of health-promoting nutrients and bioactive compounds. Scientific research continues to unlock new reasons to bite into this luscious, sweet fruit.


• Excellent so VITAMINS urce of vitamin C,
50% DV, which plays an important role in immune function and skin health
• Good source of folate, 15% DV, which is vital for a healthy immune system
• 8% DV of vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy skin and eye health
• 8% DV of vitamin B6, which plays a critical role in metabolism, supports immune function and brain health


• Beta-carotene, lutein and other
* carotenoids account for the yellow color
• Anthocyanins contribute to the red in some varieties
• Other bioactive compounds include mangiferin, flavonoids (quercetin, catechin and epicatechin), gallotannins, gallic acid, and ellagic acid


Good source of copper, 15% DV,
which is essential for the development of collagen

Dietary Fiber

2 grams or 7% DV of filling dietary fiber

Nutrient Fact

Calories 97

Calories from fat 3

Total fat 0.3g 0%

Saturated fat 0.0g 0%

Cholesterol 0.0mg 0%

Sodium 5mg 0%

Carbohydrates 23g 8%

Dietary fiber 3.5g 14%

Sugars 20g

Protein 0.6g

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